Nail surgery of ingrown toenailToe nails can become ingrown and quite painful for various reasons. Poor self-cutting, curved and thickened nails, fungal infection, trauma, tight footwear etc can lead to the nail growing into the adjacent skin.

They are often easily treated conservatively by a podiatrist gently removing the offending nail spicule and then educating the patient on appropriate footwear and nail cutting techniques to prevent problems in the future.

Occasionally, even with correct conservative treatment an ingrown nail can keep reoccurring in which case a minor, permanent surgical procedure can be carried out.

Performed under a local anaesthetic, the offending nail spicule is removed and the exposed nail bed is treated with a chemical to stop the nail from regrowing permanently.

The patient is able to walk straight after the procedure however it is advised to rest up for the remainder of the day. Post-operative care instructions are handed out and a follow up consultation with the podiatrist is allocated.

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